The Dian Andheree Devee Cover

SDM012 - The Dāin - Andheree Devee

Immerse yourself in the bewitching allure of “The Ḍāin – Andheree Devee.” Inspired by the enthralling narrative of the graphic novel, this track breathes life into the pages, captivating listeners with its potent blend of traditional Indian music and contemporary soundscapes. The Original Mix written and produced by Shoonyam showcases the timeless essence of Indian musical traditions, while the Kaala Tendua Mix remixed by Illinton, infuses the track with a fresh, modern twist, offering a truly unique and immersive sonic experience.

Venture into the world of the dian as her story unfolds through the haunting notes of “The Ḍāin – Andheree Devee.” With every beat and melody, listeners are transported to a realm where ancient legends and contemporary sensibilities intertwine, creating a mesmerizing atmosphere that lingers long after the track ends.

Produced by Shoonyam, Lasse Mosegard, Jeremy Cowan

Remix and Additional Production by Illinton