IBIZA EP cover 4

SDM009 – Frants Pandal and Illinton – Ibiza EP

Danish friends Frants Pandal and Illinton joined forces in Illinton’s Ibiza-based studio to create three distinct dance tracks for the Ibiza EP. Especially drawing inspiration from the island’s natural beauty, indigenous fauna, and rich culture, the duo crafted tunes that genuinely capture the essence of Ibiza. Frants and Illinton have been regular visitors to the island since the late 1980s and have been performing and DJing over the years at numerous venues and locations.

This Ep gives a bit of their interpretation of clubbing on the beautiful sunshine island and magic full moon parties.

Mother of Nothing was the first release. Drawing inspiration from the island’s natural beauty, indigenous fauna, and rich culture, the duo crafted a tune that truly captured the essence of Ibiza.

Oveja was inspired by meandering through hills and valleys with the sound of crickets, goats and drums, to the beach of Cala Benirrás, with a picturesque view across the crystal clear waters. Famous for its spectacular sunsets, late-night drumming sessions,  live music and dancing. With original drum samples and sounds recorded on Benirrás to recreate a bit of the energy and joy, we both have experienced in this magical place.

Frants and Illinton’s love for Animals and The Ibizan hound inspired them to make the track “Podenco”, Ibiza’s native dog. The Podenco resembles the Persian Saluki, which has been recorded as the oldest breed known to man, with an eight-thousand-year history and lineage. The Podenco are believed to have originated in Ancient Egypt, with images of this type of dog found in the art and paintings of that era. It is thought that the Phoenician merchants were the first to bring these types of dogs over the Mediterranean Sea to Ibiza, as far back as the 8th century BC.