SMD003 - MRO New Orleans Bump Illinton's Lit Mix

SDM003 – Magic Rhythm Orchestra – New Orleans Bump - Illinton's Lit Mix

“New Orleans Bump – Illinton’s Lit Mix” showcases the Magic Rhythm Orchestra’s unique sound and vision, fusing traditional jazz with modern hip-hop beats. The band pays homage to the roots of jazz, while infusing the track with contemporary energy and creativity. The result is a fresh and exciting reinterpretation of a classic song, bridging the gap between two musical genres and eras.

Illinton, the talented producer behind the hip-hop beats, brings a new level of energy to the track, creating an infectious and danceable rhythm. With Illinton’s beats and the Magic Rhythm Orchestra’s brass-heavy sound, the band creates a fusion that is both respectful of the past and relevant to the present.

Release Date: March 7, 2023