The Dian Andhakaaramay Jangal Cover

SDM015 – The Dāin – Andhakaaramay Jangal – Aadivaasee Van Mix and Jangal Traans Mix

These pumping tribal housemix’s captures the mood of Chapter 2 of the “Dian” story, where a young couple’s dream of buying their first property is quickly overshadowed by a haunting presence.

As they settle into their new home in Kent, England, the couple discovers that their basement is overrun with creatures, leading them to uncover the dark and sinister history of the house, and the connection to the powerful dian (Indian witch) from the past.

Illinton’s expert production and use of tribal beats creates an intense and immersive listening experience, driving the story forward and amplifying the tension and drama of the narrative. This single is a must-listen for fans of electronic and tribal music, and anyone looking for a fresh and innovative sound. With its evocative storytelling and expertly crafted beats, “ The Ḍāin – Andhakaaramay Jangal – Aadivaasee Van Mix and Jangal Traans Mix is sure to be a hit with audiences of all backgrounds.