The Dian Cantiga de India Cover

SDM010 - The Ḍāin - Cantiga de India - Original Mix and Indiyan Dreem Dub

The Ḍāin – Cantiga de India is a captivating fusion of medieval and contemporary sounds that transport listeners back to a time of exploration and discovery. This medieval track, that was replayed in India then remixed in Ibiza, creates an eerie and mysterious atmosphere, capturing the mood of the “Dian” story.

The track’s centerpiece is a scene around a campfire, where an English explorer first meets a powerful dian (Indian witch) in the wilderness. With its masterful blend of ancient and modern sounds, “The Ḍāin de Cantiga” creates an immersive experience that draws listeners in and transports them to another time and place.

Illinton’s expertise in mixing ancient and contemporary sounds is on full display in the Indiyan Dreem Dub, creating a unique, eclectic and rich listening experience. This single is a must-listen for fans of medieval music, Indian music, and anyone looking for a fresh and innovative sound. With its evocative storytelling and expertly crafted beats, “The Ḍāin – Cantiga de India ” is sure to be a hit with audiences of all backgrounds.